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Latest Comments

July 8 2:51 am
you are likely the one putting out these calls. as no no one answers these calls.

July 24 5:20 am
I received a call today from 10 , ID shows Name Not Found, when picked up a man said they are calling from the Police department and trying to collect money for some cause. The first option was 700 some dollars all they way down to 10 dollars ,i replied i can not help.Why would a call from police show 10 on the caller ID ?

July 26 9:13 am
Best buy gift card spam text

August 16 3:45 pm
Woman answered after the 2nd time I said "Hello?" wanted to know who was in charge of the small business's marketing. When I said they were unavailable and if I could take a messages they hung up.

July 13 2:27 pm
Please do Not call me any more. I tried to talk but all they did was harass me and called me a liar.

August 22 12:40 am
I have been getting calls from this number for about a year, one time they will say they are trying to serve papers to a person I do not know. David Hill had left a number to call back got the company name William Sanders & Assoc. # 888 317 6320 I called and David was out in the field. Next step was to call someone from Rip Off Report and they told me they are a scam and may have to change my number I have received about 18 calls from different numbers for this person, OutSource Solution, BMG Financial, and many other people Linda Williams 2xs would not give out her company # and tried to explain the FDCPA rules and hung up. Call her she is fun to talk to 512 271 1982 and say you are Tiffany Ryals. They will not take our # out of their system. Doug Larson, Sarah Ston 2xs trying to serve papers I called back nd said serve them freaking idiots.

August 18 3:17 pm
Im going crazy as well, I get about 10 calls a day from 000-000-0. I called AT&T and they tell me they cant block it. I stopped answering hoping this would be effective and they will go away. I just want it to stop. If you can find out how to stop..please let me know.

July 10 6:08 pm
Got a call today from a 661 number and did not answer it. Called it back and message said it was a Skype number. No more calls yet.

July 23 8:58 am
I picked up as it said Orange County Area. Nothing but spam. Some Cruise offer bla bla bla

July 5 3:22 pm
not my account I wont. I have blocked any and all third party billers from attaching any bills to my phone bill. If they do, Verison gets to deal with paying them etc. I dont have to worry about these fools doing any such thing because I never answer their calls. No fool here!

August 22 9:04 pm
called Keykey phone looking for me

August 6 2:03 pm
That number called and a recording said "congratulations"

August 12 7:30 pm
Hang up/dead air call.  Reported to FCC.

August 8 8:56 am
I placed an add on craigslist last night first thing this morning 2 calls stating the same Microsoft HA liars

August 22 1:56 pm
Sorry, but I disagree. I have been on the DO NOT CALL list since its inception, and I have so many telemarketing calls, I can no longer answer my phone. I deleted the personal message, turned off the answering machine completely, and turned off all my ringers, and they are still calling !

July 29 12:23 am
i keep getting calls from this number - they never let it go to voice mail. i do have to say that prior to today the last time that they called was last wednesday. I do not intend to ever pick up, but i do wish they would stop calling or leave a message.

July 17 4:09 pm
Calls all freakin day! Its a college that I haven't applied to and won't stop calling! Plz make it stop..my app sux becuz its constantly showing me when the blocked # is calling me and I dnt want 2 c it

July 21 12:39 am
Got the first call this morning at approx. 8am offering a $100.00 gift card to Walmart or Target. I was at work so I didn't even respond, just hung up. Got the second call (from the same exact number) at approx. 3pm. THIS time he was from National Home Security. I wasn't nice with my language & told him not to call again.

August 29 4:55 pm
Card processing services nothing but a little boiler room in Montreal another telemarketing scam run bh criminals why the police dont shut them down one will never know though I hear they are finding it harder to find victims lately the people the scam are into them

July 25 8:53 pm
I recieved this phone call on a Sunday, and when i call back (private) it goes straight to a voicemail. that says the user mail box is full.